How To Find The Right Fucoidan When Your Life Is On The Line!

Nora Markin

As survivors like myself spread the word about fucoidan’s potent health-protective and anticancer benefits, many people are asking: how do you pick the right fucoidan—without wasting costly time? With so many options, shady marketing practices, and huge price differences, finding a truly effective fucoidan supplement can get very confusing, very fast.

And now we’re learning that up to 90% of the fucoidan being sold is contaminated with cesium-137 from the 2011 Fukushima radiation fallout that has polluted the brown seaweed habitats of the Pacific Ocean for decades to come.

Knowing it can be hard to find fucoidan that is radiation-free or extracted from the brown Undaria pinnatfida seaweed used in nearly 900 studies that opened our eyes to its great potential, we decided it was time to analyze them ourselves to find out which products were sub-par, which were flat-out lying about what was even used to make their pills, and which might actually be worth a try.

After researching and studying those worth reviewing, here is what we found:

  • Only one product uses fucoidan extract from seaweed not harvested in cesium 137-contaminated Pacific ocean waters following the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster.
  • Only two products use extracts of the low-iodine mekabu/wakame (Undaria pinnatfida) seaweed which has been used in the most recent antitumor and anticancer studies
  • Only one product comes with a solid money back guarantee that ensures you can try the product 100% Risk Free! – and does not come with a ridiculously high price tag.



Our Fucoidan Supplement Top Pick:

After much deliberation, we are excited to announce our top-rated fucoidan supplement! This extract uses the most potent fucoidan source, the highest quality and safest ingredients, and has a 30-day return policy that really shows the manufacturer’s confidence in the product.

Top Choice

#1 Editor’s Choice

Fucoidan Force™

If you’ve been looking for the right fucoidan supplement, then Fucoidan Force™ should be your #1 choice. If you want a potent, safe, and trusted supplement – this is it!

Our extensive research has determined that Fucoidan Force™ uses only the highest quality fucoidan extract, does not use any dyes or preservatives, and is hand-harvested from 100% radiation-free Atlantic Ocean waters.

Quality: This supplement is a true fucoidan extract – not merely a “seaweed extract” – made from the most potent seaweed source, Undaria pinnatifida. Fucoidan from this seaweed has all of the benefits of other seaweed species, without any downsides. Additionally, U. pinnatifida contains unique antiviral properties that are not found in any other seaweed – and are therefore not found in any other fucoidan supplements.

Fucoidan Force™ is an unprecedented 650mg fucoidan supplement. The power of the fucoidan is augmented by its secondary ingredient, ganoderma lucidum, an all-natural mushroom extract that amplifies and complements the effects of the fucoidan.

Safety: Other fucoidan sources, such as Laminaria japonica, have iodine content that is 56 times higher than U. pinnatifida. Fuciodan Force™’s emphasis on only using U. pinnatifida as its fucoidan source helped boost this product ahead of the competition.

Significantly, the manufacturers of Fucoidan Force™ are also the only company to clearly state that their fucoidan seaweed source only comes from the Atlantic Ocean. Because the overwhelmingly vast majority of seaweed is harvested from the radiation-tainted Pacific Ocean, Fucoidan Force™’s decision to only harvest safe Atlantic U. pinnatifida was a major deciding factor when choosing our #1 pick.

Guarantee: We were very pleasantly surprised at this product’s return policy. Fucoidan Force™ offers a 30-day money back guarantee – even if the bottle has been opened and if pills have been used! The manufacturer clearly stands behind their product’s efficacy!

We also found that Fucoidan Force™’s customer service was unmatched. Prompt delivery, safe checkout, and knowledgeable support staff that could be contacted by email or phone helped us feel secure in our purchase.

Because of the manufacturer’s commitment to top-notch ingredients and quality support, highly recommends Fuciodan Force™ as the best fucoidan supplement currently available.



2nd Pick

#2 Pick


Modifilan® Pure Brown Seaweed Extract is a reputable brand that has been around since 1997. Its long history and numerous testimonials are a testament to its popularity.

In spite of its reputation however, Modifilan® is not exactly the best fucoidan extract on the market. As its website and label clearly state, it is a “Brown Seaweed Extract” – not a fucoidan extract. Even with its serving size that recommends 3 servings (equaling 1500mg daily dose), its fucoidan content is likely much lower than pure fucoidan extracts like Umi no Shizuku® and Fucoidan Force™.

Modifilan® is made with L. japonica, a very common source for seaweed extracts. This type of seaweed is known to have exponentially higher amounts of iodine than most other seaweed species. A 1500mg iodine-rich extract will not be healthy for most individuals to take on a daily basis, especially for those who are not already exposed to an iodine-heavy diet. Modifilan® is even recommended to be taken 6 times daily – equaling a dangerously high 3000mg of L. japonica for “maximum benefit.” We did not use such the high dosage recommendation during our review process due to concerns about health and safety, however.

It is somewhat comforting that Modifilan® addresses the Fukushima disaster on its website, claiming that as of 2011, it has abandoned all harvesting operations within the Russian Federation due to northwest Pacific radiation. However, the website does not state where exactly their new harvesting operations are. Without a specific claim of an Atlantic harvesting operation, it is not fair for us to report Modifilan® as being guaranteed 100% radiation-free or safe. Additionally, Modifilan® uses gelatin capsules that are not vegan or vegetarian-friendly.

While this product is much more affordable than other brands, it appears to be largely because of its lack of a true fucoidan extraction process. While brown seaweed does offer quite a few health benefits on its own, if you’re looking for a true fucoidan extract, advises looking at other brands.


3rd Pick

#3 Pick

U-Fn™ Fucoidan

Though others have found U-Fn™ to their liking, does not recommend it very highly. Like Modifilan®, U-Fn™ is a “seaweed extract” rather than a proper fucoidan extract. U-Fn™, however, does not have the history and reputation of Modifilan®.

U-Fn™ uses the exact same ingredients as Modifilan® (L. japonica, without any amplifying ingredients), including its gelatin non-vegan capsules. This seaweed extract contains 600mg of L. japonica per capsule vs. Modifilan®’s 500mg per capsule, but is recommended at a lower dosage of 1200mg (2 capsules) daily.

U-Fn™, despite its relative popularity, was somewhat of a head-scratcher for our reviewing staff. This product appears to be nearly identical to Modifilan®, but is offered at a lower overall potency and a much higher price. advises passing by this supplement in favor of more fucoidan-rich and more potent supplements.

4th Pick

#4 Pick

Umi no Shizuku®

Umi no Shizuku® is a reputable and quality product, but it unfortunately had a few issues, including its unjustifiable laughably high price, that dropped it down to our #4 spot. This product uses a combination of two seaweeds in its fucoidan extract: C. okamuranus (Mozuku) which is considered its primary source, and U. pinnatifida as its secondary source. While we were happy about the inclusion of U. pinnatifida, the choice for C. okamuranus (Mozuku) as the primary fucoidan source is very concerning, as this seaweed is known to have coagulant properties that can result in blood clots, stroke, and heart attack for at-risk individuals.

Umi no Shizuku® claims that their seaweed sources are radiation-free, despite being harvested from Japanese Pacific waters. Though the jury is still out on how dangerous the radiation leaks from the Fukushima disaster are, for people concerned about any amount of radiation, Atlantic-harvested seaweed is really the only way to go. The company also boasts that they use 85% standardized fucoidan, but at only 212.5mg of pure fucoidan in each capsule.

Umi no Shizuku®, like Fucoidan Force™, gained extra points on because of its amplifying mushroom ingredient. Umi no Shizuku® uses A. blazei as its reinforcing ingredient. Also similar to Fucoidan Force™, this product uses 100% vegetarian capsules, which was another plus!

In spite of its rather promising ingredient formulation, Umi no Shizuku® fell off with its potency; each capsule of this product contains only 250mg of fucoidan and mushroom extract, combined.

The last straw for this product was its ludicrously high price tag. Each bottle of Umi no Shizuku® is $330, a full $235 more than the next-highly priced competitor. While Umi no Shizuku® is still one of the more potent fucoidan supplements on the market, its price ensures that most people will not receive whatever benefits it has to offer.


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